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World's Longest Colour Sequence Memorised

World’s Longest Colour Sequence Memorised

Sancy Suraj Singh memorised a sequence of 160 randomly generated colours on the computer screen at the rate of 2 sec per colour. He then proceeded to write the sequence on a piece of paper with a perfect score. The record was approved by Guinness as the world record for the longest sequence of colours memorised. The event was hosted ... Read More »

Largest Display Of Calligraphy

Largest Display Of Calligraphy

Nan Hua High School is renowned for its emphasis on Chinese calligraphy. So what better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than to break a record is this art? 1,698 staff and students wrote their wishes on red calligraphy paper in the classrooms and displayed them collectively in the parade square on 20 Jan 2012. Read More »

Largest Dragon Dance Head

Largest Dragon Dance Head

To mark 2012 Lunar New Year celebration at Chinatown, which is a dragon year, Nam Sieng Dragon and Lion Dance Activity Centre commissioned the largest dragon head used in a dragon dance. The head measures 1.5m high, 1.2m wide and 2.0m long. The entire dragon is 43m long. The Chinatown celebration is organised by Kreta Ayer – Kim Seng CCC. Read More »


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Myanmar Book of Records The Myanmar Book of Records (MBOR) is a non-profit association established in 2015, primarily to compile and adjudicate all national records, and to advise and promote world records. It was formed in response to widespread voices for a national body to administer and make local record breaking possible. There are currently about 25 countries around the world ... Read More »